Portable, Waterproof and Compact. Chekitt safety cards provide essential knowledge when you need it most.

Accidental injury has become the third leading cause of death for the first time in United States history. 

– The National Safety Council

Chekitt provides safety education and services to help others prevent accidents and injuries.


We are "Do It Yourself" Enthusiasts Passionate about Safety

My wife & I are handy, “do-it-yourself” enthusiasts who have learned a great deal from making mistakes. We founded Chekitt to make sure that you don’t have to learn the painful, costly lessons that we did.

One major part of our safety routine is to consult our safety Chekitt cards before our work every day.  They provide an essential list and reminders of things we need to be mindful about or do before we start work.

We are former teachers and life-long learners who enjoy guiding others in learning new skills. In short, we are passionate about safety.

The Creators of Chekitt Safety Cards

Christopher and Alaine Hinshaw, Creators of Chekitt Safety Cards

Why do accidents happen?

  • Not being alert or mindful
  • Being rushed or in a hurry
  • Becoming distracted
  • Not fully planning out the project ahead of time and anticipating what can go wrong
  • Inadequate understanding about the potential risks and hazards associated with the project
  • Using the wrong tools for the job
  • Judgment impairment because of alcohol, drugs or anger


The Safety Mindset

What is a safety mindset?  In short, it means asking, “What can go wrong with this situation or project?” before starting it.  It means making sure that you have all the proper tools, supplies and equipment necessary to do the job safely.  It means making sure that you know what you are doing on a project and the people on the project also know what they are doing.  It means thinking through all of the safety measures in advance to prevent accidents and injuries.  We developed safety cards for use on our own projects and now you can use them, too.


Home Safety Check by Phone

Take us on a walk-through tour by phone while we assess the safety of your home.

The benefit of our home safety check is that we are not trying to sell you a product or anything else– apart from safety recommendations delivered without judgement.  A phone safety check means that you won’t have a stranger enter your home; you will be talking to a former teacher. It will be up to you to hire someone to make repairs or to do an installation of a safety product, unless you are capable of doing it yourself.

Specific safety recommendations are made based on who lives in your home, i.e. small children, handicapped or elderly individuals.

You don’t need any knowledge about appliances, electrical systems or other home systems to benefit from this process. 

Remember– even one small safety improvement could save your life or prevent a serious injury.  Don’t take a chance—Safety Chekitt!

A home safety check takes about one hour.

On the tour, you will be asked to walk into every room and area of your home and I will ask you a series of simple questions about what you see.

You don’t need to have any tools or supplies with you on this tour. Though, it may be helpful if you take a picture or two on your cell phone and send them to me so that I can better understand some unique situation.

You could use speakerphone to include an additional person, or more, on our tour.

In addition to our tour, I can also offer safety tips and advice where appropriate and helpful.

After the home safety check, I will email (or send a hard copy by regular mail) a series of specific recommendations to improve the safety of your home.

The fee for this service, including my written report is $50.00. We will set up a time for our phone call (We are based in Maine in the Eastern Time zone, so we will need to take this into account when scheduling the call).

You can pay via our secure payment system on our website once the safety check is complete and you receive your report. 

I offer a full money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your home safety check.  Feel free to call or email me if you have any questions or concerns.

Please call 207-991-1438 or email info@chekitt.com to schedule your safety audit. 

We hope to hear from you soon! 



  • Safety cards are 5.5” x 8.5” inches. 
  • Our cards are laminated so you can use them outside or place them in a glove compartment or toolbox without harming them. 
  • Each card explains do’s and don’ts for a wide range of projects that will help prevent injuries.
  • All cards are double-sided.
  • Cards are easy to read, understand and to follow.
  • Tools needed and/or recommended equipment are highlighted on each card.




To Order by Phone, Call: 207-991-1438. Questions? Call or email us.